Sunday, 23 August 2015

[London Town] - Columbia Road Flower Market; My Happy Place ~ Sophie

One of my favourite places in the world is Columbia Road Flower Market.
Whenever I’m feeling down or have had a tough week this is the place which brings me serenity and happiness. I take the old cliché of ‘go to your happy place’ very literally.
What follows is a very pic heavy post which will show why this truly is a gem of London.

Columbia Road Flower Market
Sunday’s 8am – 3ish
East London

A Brief History
This beautiful flower market was originally a covered food market founded by Angela Burdett Coutts in 1869. It closed, re-opened and evolved over the years following. At first it was open on the Saturday’s, but moved to Sunday by an Act of Parliament to accommodate the needs of a growing Jewish population. World War II hit the market hard, with rationing and the Blitz, but there has been a resurgence in popularity since the 1980s. Now people all over the world come visit this small colourful paradise in London’s East End

How to Get Here

The Columbia Road Flower Market Website ( has an incredibly helpful map, see below. It’s well serviced by bus, tube and train routes.


1) Try and get to the market before 11, its quite literally a road and past 11 to get from one end to another is a battleground

2) Take your time to look at all the wares on offer. There's a true variety from succulents, pineapple plants to the cut flowers of sunflowers and celosia among others. 

3) Enjoy the area! It's more than just the flowers, there's live music and a many good brunch places to go after you've perused the marked.

4) If you live in London go at different times of the year! The flowers available change frequently depending on the season.

My Experience

I love flowers. I even have my own cute window herb garden, full of my precious herblings.

Linh and Chief love getting my frequent photo updates :P

Columbia Road therefore is a piece of paradise for me. There's stalls on either side of the street, and a wonderful variety. The colours alone are enough to lift anyone's spirits. But enough of my rambling, I'll let the photos tell their own story.

Entrance from Hackney Road

My Arrangements

 The best part of the market is being inspired by the flowers and creating my own arrangements at home.

Primary Colours
Inspired by Spring

Love Sophie

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