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Here’s a little intro story of our beautiful friendship. We are three working city girls; we’re university friends turned flatmates turned long lasting friends. We have finally decided to take the next step in our friendship and do a blog together! We each have a different fashion style, skin type, ideal dates and very different versions of the ‘dream’ guy (cough Chiwei cough cough). However, we do agree on the important things in life such as brunch! This blog will be a medley of our three lives.


Hi guys! I'm Chiwei, the girl who loves clothes, shoes, bags and anything fashion related. My inspirations come from following fashion bloggers on Instagram and Lookbook but I don't really have a single style since I get bored easily and change my look all the time. If I were to choose though, I would say my favourite styles are Minimalistic, Grunge and Urban. 
Other than fashion, I love to eat cake, work out (to balance it out) and watching TV shows.
I'll leave all the make up and beauty stuff to my lovely girls as: 
1. My beauty regime consists of washing my face in water and the occasional face mask if I'm lucky and;
2. I totally suck at make up due to my unfortunate lack of an eyelid (although Sophie has bought me eyelid tape, love you). 

Enjoy the blog! x


Hola, I’m Linh – the one with the goofy smile in most of her photos :) I have a major love for Korean culture (Sophie and Chiwei can be witnesses to this) from the dramas to the K-pop to the beauty. Yes I’m the girl that learns those K-pop signature moves in her room and if I ever get talented enough at dancing – I’ll be sure to do a tutorial ;). I also love pastel colours (my favourite being pink), shopping (sometimes a little too much) and cooking (experimenting with new recipes). I hope to share my beauty, fashion and ‘everything else’ thoughts with you and hope that blogging will help take away those little stresses in my life. 


Hi there,

 I'm Sophie, Half-British and Half-Japanese with a love of both cultures.

I love food in all its forms whether it's watching cookery shows, baking or eating out with friends. I will even traverse to the other side of London just for cake if need be, which happens more often than you'd think.

When I'm not travelling across London for food I'm curled up on the sofa reading blogs or books, shopping with friends or baking.
I'm new to the world of Asian beauty, but I was instantly hooked, and now my knowledge on snail filaments and birds nest extract is far more advanced than is probably necessary!

Sophie xxx

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  1. I just wanted to wish you a good day cuties! Keep the site ! ^^