Sunday, 12 July 2015

Jinjuu Restaurant Review

15 Kingly Street, London, W1B 5PS
Price: £45 for two
Book in advance!

My first ever restaurant review! I never feel the need to leave a review after eating at restaurants but for the first time ever, I was so impressed by the food and service at JInjuu that they really do deserve a good review and everyone must go try it out!

Jinjuu is ran by celebrity chef, Judy Joo and is a premium and modern form of Korean dining.
The menu is split into mains and what they call Anju – food you eat while you drink – very much Korean tapas. The Anju selection looked amazing – it was a very creative and contemporary fusion of Korean ingredients into Mexican classic dishes.

We ordered the Bulgogi Beef Tacos, the signature Jinjuu chicken (the Jin Chick) and the Bimbimbap Bowl (homemade kimchi and thinly sliced marinated pork belly).

Believe me it took us ages to decide – the menu selection is very good! We would have tried everything if we could – it was all so appealing!

The Bulgogi Beef Tacos was my favourite and highlight of the meal! I love how the jalapenos and slaw really added to the bulgogi taste. It was excellent, it was delicious and different to anything that I’ve had before.

Unlike Korean chicken you may have tried elsewhere is London, the Jin Chick comes naked to the table (i.e fried without sauce), instead you are provided with two little cute tubs of sauce. One – the gochujang red sauce and two - Jinjuu black soy sauce, for you to dip, pour over or mix together.

Finally, I would describe the Bimbimbap as good quality food, as I find that its really difficulty to find amazing bimbimbap, its pretty much a staple that you cant do much to a bimbimbap for the wow factor. Though, at Jinjuu you have the option to add as many toppings to your bimbimbap as you wish – a selection of bulgogi beef, homemade kimchi, pork belly, tofu, sautéed prawns
The dessert was also another highlight! We were told the Snicker Hotteok was the most popular choice at the restaurant and we could tell why. Hotteok is a sweet fried Korean pancake and usually with a filling in the centre, last summer when I visited Busan, I think I purchased about 5 within the hour from the market stalls hahaha okay I bought 2 but I would have totally purchased 5 if my friend hadn’t of stopped me. The ones I had back then were filled with red bean and sunflower seeds. This hotteok was stuffed with salted caramel and roasted peanuts (ergo the Snickers name) and topped with peanut parfait, chocolate ganache, praline and Nutella powder (how can you not drool over this list!)

Atmosphere & Service
The top floor is pretty much dedicated to drinks and anju, its quieter downstairs, where they have bigger tables for bigger parties.
The service was splendid! I tell you how I rate good service, when you’re offered tap water along still and sparkling so you don’t have to get the dirty cheapskate look from waiters when you ask for tap water. The waiter we had was very attentive, food came super quickly and they served the anju before the main.
Btw, the waiters are not Korean

Though it is premium food, don’t expect premium prices – we paid £45 for the best desert ever and we were so full

Jinjuu is definitely worth the visit for its creative dishes and authentic Korean taste.
Next time – I’ll be sure to go with more people so I can try more of the sharing platters and Anju.

I’m dying to try the chips (Jinjuu Carnitas Fries) because everyone was ordering them and we would watch the fries leave the kitchen to other tables! Unfortunately we were too full!

Until next time, love Linh 

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