Sunday, 22 May 2016


Dear readers, 
Roughly one year ago, we launched the threebb blog and its been one hell of a journey.
Our sincerest apologies for being inactive for a while. We realised that blogging is no easy job and we’ve taken the time off to reflect on who we are as bloggers and what we’ve learnt about ourselves over the past year.
As you know Sophie has spun off from threebb with her beauty posts – check her amazing posts here and she’s also gone and done an incredible job of launching a blogging community in the UK. 
Furthermore, during our hiatus over the winter, we decided to revamp threebb, starting with an entire new platform at wordpress. Our new website is We’ll continue to bring you more blog posts with Linh focusing on beauty, Chiwei on fashion and Sophie on food.

Love, Chiwei, Linh & Sophie xxx