Monday, 28 September 2015

[MINI REVIEWS] Nature Republic Eyeliner, Mizon Perfume Mist & SkinFood Lip Balm

Dear all! My deepest apologies for not blogging in a very long time – in the meantime I’ve jetted off to both Austria and Denmark, and been slightly distracted by my adult colouring book, colouring pencils and paints. Clap clap to Sophie whose really carried the team and kept this blog going – LOVE YOU SOPHIE <3

Anyway to make up for my AFK, I’ve complied three short sweet mini reviews of some of the products of been using. Enjoy!

Saturday, 19 September 2015

[Glossybox] - September Style Edition

Goodbye Summer and ice creams and hello Autumn and the pumpkin spiced latte!
September has arrived and with it the usual feeling of ‘where has all the time gone’…

Fortunately my Glossybox ‘Style Edition’ has also arrived, banishing the oncoming winter blues back into their corner.

Let’s find out what the September Style Edition had in store!

Sunday, 13 September 2015

[Travel] - 8 Tips for Travelling and Taking Care of Your Skin ~ Sophie

8 Tips for Travelling and Taking Care of Your Skin
Sorry for the delayed absence, we've all been off travelling this month! So this is the perfect collection of my top tips on loving your skin while on Hols.
I went up North for the weekend with only a large shoulder bag, via the budget-friendly Easyjet. This raised the question, how do I pack my hoard of skincare/make up while keeping to the restrictions. And are there tips for looking after my skin during travel.

The collection

Feeling cold up North, but my skin feeling great!