Sunday, 16 August 2015

[OOTD] Outfit of the day - Eastbourne Beach Trip

So we recently went back to Sophie’s hometown, Eastbourne, for their famous air show and I followed the girls around all day with my camera and captured their beachy ootd look which you can find more about below.  

In reverse age order (for a change)...


“Summer in my mind = denim so I brought out my denim jacket which has been sadly neglected in the cold fall and winter months. I paired this with a soft billowy dress which contrasted with the more structured denim. As a bonus this dress had pockets! More women's clothing needs pockets. My shoes were wedged, would not have lasted the day in heels alone and had a cute silver seashell detailing on it. As my shoes were white I matched with a white bag. I finished the outfit off with my hair loose and free, only held back by the reflective sunglasses which I brought so I could watch the air show, and Linh and chief couldn't stop admiring their reflection in.” – Sophie

FYI Sophie stole those sunglasses from her sister, and I quote her “I’m totally going to keep these” so if you’re reading Hope, watch out.


Top –
Shorts - Zara

“I’m very into plain simple clothing and I love tees, you can’t really go wrong with a t-shirt at the beach. I was going to pair my stripy sailor-esque tee with my Taylor Swift denim shorts but unfortunately Sophie expected to catch a 10am train, and I couldn’t find them in the morning. So I had to opt for my plain black shorts which works, but not as well as denim shorts. I also brought along a light blue cardigan for when it got a bit chilly. Oh and excuse the shoes, I basically committed a fashion crime (ergo police car photo) with the neon green socks and grey flats combination. Basically I own no pumps (I’ve yet to find the perfect pair!) and my only pair of sandals were heeled (and there was a serious amout of walking that day)” - Linh 

“Well I imagined a beach outfit to be floaty skirts and pretty tops so I went for my summery coloured skirt which floats at the back and a creamy vest which had an interesting cut out pattern at the top to give the outfit an emphasis point. This meant I didn't need a necklace so instead I wore a few bracelets and my watch. It was a bit cold so I just brought a pastel blue trench coat with me to add an extra layer and colour. :)” – Chiwei 

Look forward to our next ootd blog! Please find bonus pictures of the day below!

Sophie with Liberty the Owl!

What Sophie said earlier!

Love, Linh

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