Tuesday, 5 January 2016

[My Little Box] October's Box - My Creative Box

“Creativity is intelligence having fun,”

A quick review taking a look back at October’s My Little Box – My Creative Box in collaboration with Pinterest

As suggested by the name and given my/the world’s hype about adult colouring books – I was suspecting some colouring pencils or paints in this month’s box unfortunately there were none. The usual standard items include a postcard illustration drawn by Kanako and the My Little World Magazine. Fitting into this month’s theme of creativity, a packet of wire wrap beads were included for you to customise, decorate and add a little colour to your headphones. I personally have yet to find any use of them and wouldn’t buy these especially with the RRP being at £16. The most useful item delivered in this month’s box was probably the My Little Box canvas bag especially since the 5p plastic bag rule was introduced. I love Kanako’s illustration and I love the one on the bag with the girl in colour versus the building in black pen lines – I did wonder whether it was a colour in yourself bag but no I like the artist effect. The bag at the back also says ‘collect moments not things’ and the straps are long enough to fit nicely on the shoulder. There are also other illustrations available to buy and design of bag differed depending on the luck of your box.

Also this box smells amazing and it’s all down to Baija – Hydrating cream – the scent is tiare flower and like the name smells very exotic but I think it’s just the strong hints of coconut. At £12.90 RRP and getting 75ml worth of body cream – this month’s box had met the value for money. Ingredients include cupuacu (a nourishing emollient that easily absorbs water to retain the moisture in your skin), shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax and jojoba. It is also paraben free and phenoxyethanol free.

The other two beauty items are nail polish Loved by Sarah Lavoine and I just love the colour of this polish – slightly darker and bluer than teal. I like the fact that it’s not bright but rather gives an autumn undertone which is perfect for the season. Crème de Minuit – as suggested by the name midnight cream – this is for application during night time to nourish and brighten a tired looking and dull face after a long day. The shea butter and wheat protein will nourish skin, cranberry oil and spirulina (blue-green algae) will provide an oxygen boost to the skin aided fatigued skin.

Please note – as you can see some of the items I received in my box are different to the ones posted by www.mylittlebox.co.uk – I guess it is a lucky dip after all or the selection of products may depend on whether you are a UK, French or Japanese subscriber

Love, Linh xxx

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