Thursday, 7 January 2016

[Etude House] Dear My Wish Lips Talk Review

Etude House Dear My Wish Lipstick
Shade #PK002
Price; $6 ~ £4.10 (excl. shipping)

My favourite makeup product is definitely lipsticks, I love lipsticks and I plan to own every shade possible (lipstick collection photo to follow soon on Instagram! Watch out for it this weekend)

I was inspired to buy this after I saw Krystal Jung wear it in one of their promos. The lipstick is a shade that lies between pink and red – I would say hot pink. What outfit would I pair this lipstick with? I think the pink colour goes well against white/light colour chiffon tops or a white strappy vest top. The striking pink lipstick is a perfect balance with some light upper body clothing for example a chiffon white blouse tucked into a black a line skirt for a preppy look, finished with a pair of black shades.

What’s my verdict?

As much as I loved the colour, it does not look as nice on me as it did for Krystal, it was a very bright pink colour (which is not justified in the photo). The colour also didn’t last very long – an hour to two hours maximum but the bigger issue with this product was that it lost colour from the inner lips quickly but you had still had a very obvious shocking pink lip line towards the outer areas of the lip, and even more so obvious when you had just eaten lunch. So in other words, it leaves a stain on your lips and I looked like an idiot who didn’t know how to apply lipstick properly. Thirdly, the lipstick was more of a lip gloss than a lipstick, it was very thin across the lips, nothing like the other lipsticks in my collection. This is also probably why it didn’t last as long on my lips in comparison to the rest of my lips. Worst of all, the lipstick left my lips feeling very dry and chapped, I could feel the skin of lips slowly breaking underneath the lipsticks and I had to apply lip balm throughout the day. Then when I next had the opportunity to go to the ladies and re-apply my lipstick, you could see the cracked lines in lips from the poor coverage of the lipstick, it pretty remained like this throughout the day (poor photo quality does not justify this effect). As mentioned before about the staining effect of this lipsticks, it means it takes a bit of scrubbing with make-up remover. 


+        Krystal Jung and the cute packaging

No Love
-         Too vibrant colour
-         Slippery feeling across lips
-         Lip gloss effect rather than lipstick
-         Cracked lips
-         Doesn’t last long

Would I buy again?

No, I was thoroughly disappointed by this lipstick especially coming from the Etude House make-up line

I got bored ahaha

Love, Linh xx

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  1. The other day my sister got this for my mum as a birthday gift but she has yet to try iit yet. Hopefully she'll like it though.

    Sorry that this didn't work out for you though.

    Payanie // K-beauty blog