Monday, 25 January 2016

[Etude House] Wonder Pore Freshner

Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner (10 in 1)
500 ml
Price $11.52 ~ £8 (excluding shipping but comes with a box of cotton pads)
“10 in 1 total pore solution freshner for intensive pore care”
“Freshner balances pH levels, making skin pure like baby skin and preventing skin troubles caused by pH imbalance,”

Hi guys! First beauty post since Sophie left us and moved her beauty posts over to her new blog (mapletreeblog - be sure to check it out!). I cant make any promises but I will do my utterbest to try to do beauty reviews of her quality and standards!

I first discovered this little gem travelling around Busan in the summer of 2014 with a friend. We went into Etude House and this lovely Japanese lady who was 30 but actually looked 21 sold the product to my friend at first. At the time, I was absorbed with the make-up section whilst overhearing their conversation. She did a really good job of explaining the product and I was sold by the 10 powers of this product.

My review
      1.      Balance skin’s ideal pH level
      2.      Refine skin tones
      3.      Keep the elasticity of pores
      4.      Remove skin surface’s dead skin cells
      5.      Cleanse pore insides with cooling effect
      6.      Deep cleanse pores 
      7.      Minimise appearance of pores 
      8.      Control large about of sebum
      9.      Moisturise inside and outside of skin
      10.    Complete smooth glass-like texture

      1.      I’ll have to agree with this statement because when the skin is too acidic – it causes the break out of spots and this solution hasn’t caused that for me. If anything, it may have too much alkaline which makes the skin dry, I have occasionally experience this on some days where after applying it feels particularly dry (but there could have been other factors to this)
      2.      No obvious effect seen through refining my skin tone
      3.      Elasticity – yes
      4.      I think it does a good job of removing any oil in particular from my face and I assume dead skin cells in the process too
      5.      Yes it has a cooling effect
    6.      It does a better job of cleaning the pores and preventing breakout than minimising the appearance
      7.      As above
      8.      See 4
    9.      I think this toner is definitely better than others Ive tried particularly for sensitive skin – it doesn’t dry out the face making it feel tight but feels more like youre applying water on your face
      10.    N/A

I’m now on my third bottle since that summer (a bottle on average lasts me 6 – 7 months), and it’s now become an item in a my beauty bible that I’m too afraid to try different toners (usually I’ll find a good moisturiser or cleanser but will opt to try other products from different brands however I can’t seem to let this one go!)I didn’t like toners at first, in fact I’m pretty sure I didn’t really understand the purpose of toners before this one. My first experience with a toner was the night before my cousins wedding and I had a huge spot on my nose, she gave me some toner to rub the spot with which was supposed to reduce the size – it did not and in fact left the spot beaming red. Safe to say I tried to avoid as many photographers that day – I’m glad it wasn’t my wedding! My second experience I used toner with a cotton pad across my face as you’re supposed to however it made my face super dry and I’ve not been back since until Etude House. 

I was also the one who recommended this product to Sophie so I hope its working wonders for you too babe!

So why do I love this product so much?

It’s probably not the greatest toner out there for completely wiping out the appearance of pores but the reason why I love this product is for its consistency – it’s done a great consistent job making sure my skin is clean and clear – minimising look of pores and reducing the redness of spots.

I love:
+         Water like texture – it doesn’t feel like I’m putting nail varnish remover across my face
+         Value for money – given the price I paid for the size of the bottle (it also came with cotton pads)
+       Cleans the skin and prevents breakouts – this was the first visible thing I noticed from using this product, I definitely developed less spots especially in the troubled areas since using this
+         Doesn’t make my skin really dry like other toners

My tricks for applying:
+         Pump the toner onto a cotton pad and wipe across face – I usually use two to three cotton pads for full coverage of my face
+         Be careful around the eyes – try not to wipe too close to eyes
+         Use a different cotton pad when ‘dabbing’ over spots
+         Also great to pop solution into a spray bottle and take around as a mist

Would I buy this again?
I think the answer is pretty obvious

Love, Linh  xxx

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