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2015 Reflections

Fiftieth post!!

Cannot believe that we’ve already reached the fifty post milestone on the blog. In celebration of that fact, and as it’s the end of the year here’s our first joint ThreeBB united post as we reflect back on 2015. It's been a great first year for the blog, though we're not even one years old yet! We've got over 200 followers on Instagram and have just started up our pinterest board. Find us below for the latest photos, mini reviews and inspiration boards!

We've got readers all the way from the U.S.A to Singapore, Bangladesh to our home country of the UK. Thank you all for reading and following our blog this year. I hope you continue to read, follow and share in 2016!

Let us know what to see more of next year in our comments section J

Now onto our personal moments of 2015.

Chiwei's Moments

Favourite Purchase of 2015

This has got to be one of my new coats (Linh, I blame you for passing your coat addiction to me!). Ultimately it’s between my longline houndstooth piece and my camel cape. Both are stand out, statement pieces which is why they are both in the running. I’ve gotten a lot more wears with the houndstooth coat, purely because it’s much warmer, more versatile and easier to layer, whereas the cape is quite difficult to coordinate and is much thinner. 

But, in the end, the cape has won my heart with its undeniably unique and alluring display, making it the ultimate bona fide outerwear option. I find it really difficult to find a coat of the right length, but this cape fits my figure perfectly and helps accentuate my legs and enhances my stature. Plus, camel is a colour which will never date, making this a worthwhile investment over many years.

Discovery of 2015

My discovery is more of a rediscovery and it’s for my love of playing piano. I lost touch with it when I started uni and I never really had that much of a passion for it when I was practicing for my exams. So, I was really surprised to learn how much I had missed playing and how much I actually enjoy being able to learn new pieces by myself. Hence, investing in a keyboard was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made. My Casio CDP-120 isn’t exactly the best in terms of quality of sound but it’s perfect as a first investment. So far, I have been mastering Ludovico Einaudi’s Divenire and Islands collections but I also have plans to revisit the challenges that the classical masters of Mozart, Bach, Chopin etc have to offer.


Best Moments of 2015

2015 has been a year of achievements, starting with the creation of this blog, seeing it grow, working on it together with my best friends and imagining the endless joys to come. This was also the year I completed all of my ACA exams, which I never thought I would see the end of, so I would also like to celebrate my freedom! And celebrate I did, with a trip to the beautiful city of Prague with the most amazing company, perfect temperatures and sublime views. I have also taken this year to finally explore London in all its glory, and what a treat it has been, from the breath-taking views from Sky Garden and historical treasures like the Tower of London to hidden gems like Canada Water’s Hawker House and Draughts, a board game café in Shoreditch. It’s been a fantastic year and I’m quite sad that it’s ending. Regardless, bring on 2016!                                                                                                    

Linh’s Moments

Favourite Purchase of 2015

My Topshop Pink Coat! I went through battlefields to get this coat. I first saw the coat in Topshop in the grey version, which I tried on and loved, but you know grey can be a bit dull and boring so I wanted to get the coat in pink (because pink is also my favourite colour). Unfortunately I didn’t because my boyfriend had made me feel really guilty about buying another coat. So here are my lessons learnt 1. Don’t regret not buying something! Worse comes to worse return it later and 2. Never listen to your boyfriend. After successfully reserving the last coat in my size online, I madly ran to Topshop during my work lunch hour to grab the coat, and it was worth it. The coat is pink, lightweight with button pockets to keep your phone safe. It’s perfect for the tube because it’s lightweight which means you aren’t dying in the heat on the commute to work. Not quite suitable for winter, it’s a bit too cold but I’m still wearing it, taking the risk of hypothermia to wear my favourite coat. 

Discovery of 2015

I was originally going to write about subscription boxes but Sophie took it first. So my discovery would have to be my greater love for lipsticks/glosses and balms – my collection is now at 20 and counting more to come.
My top three lipsticks are 1. IOPE Waterfit Lipsticks 2. Isoi lip balm 3. Laqa and co (from the Birchbox description)
How I love to feed ducks in my local canal – the boyfriend and I actually go out to the supermarket to buy bread to feed them
And also the recent Star Wars film! Go female protagonist for once! I’ve never really been a Star Wars fan so this is my new discovery! 

Best moments of 2015

Now this is pretty hard so I’m going to split this into work, love and friends
Work: I work in consulting and I finally found myself a project that really stretched me in my role, it was challenging and really forced me to step up my game but I really enjoyed it because I was learning something new every day and character building. It was also with an awesome big teams whom were supportive and helped me keep going. Plus all the fun team Christmas parties!

Love: I would have to say it would be my first just-the-two of us trip together to Venice and Milan, even the places were pretty disappointing, it was nice to escape from London for a while.

Friends: First off, taking a road trip to Austria with a couple of work friends – it was fun (aren’t all road trips fun :b), full of banter and we surprisingly got on very well outside of work. I quote my friend, Ashleen, you guys are my real friends now.
Having hot pot and karaoke with my university friends for my 23rd Birthday, it was a nice reunion since we hadn’t of all seen each other for a while.

Last but not least of all, starting up this blog with my two besties, Chiwei and Sophie, we’d had been talking about it for a while and we had all individually read and followed blogs ourselves and we usually don’t go through with the things we say we would do so when threebb was actually set up, it definitely was an achievement for us!

See you in the New Year guys! Love, Linh 

Sophie’s  Moments

Favourite Purchase of 2015

This is a tough one, I’ve really delved into the world of skincare this year and there are so many products which I love and would loath to give up if forced to. But if I was pressed I’d have to say my favourite purchase isn’t a skincare product at all! It would be my Instax. 
Pretty in Pink
 Now this might be the inner historian in me speaking, but I really have a taste for the old world of products. One of my favourite toys as a kid was a Barbie polaroid camera. And I just love the “one chance” aspect of taking the shot in the moment. Have always been a fan of candid moments and this just adds to that sense of thrill. Plus it’s nice having a physical copy of the photo rather than just a digital, even if it’s not quite perfect.
Photo Collection so far
  Discovery of 2015

2015 for me will be the year that I discovered the wonders of subscription boxes! I was researching some Etude House products and I came across this thing called Meme Box. Sadly I was too late to join that, they stopped shipping internationally, but it was only down the rabbit hole of subscription boxes from there!
The wonderful thing about subscription boxes is that you can get them for almost anything, from Graze which does snacks all the way to Beauteque which was my first ABeauty subscription bag. This year along I’ve tried Beauteque Bag and Mask Maven, Mask Genie, Glossybox, Love Me Beauty and Look Fantastic. My vanity table is now heaving from all the products I have. Some more useful than others, but as I love surprises I think I’ll be in this wonderland of subscription boxes for a while longer.
Snapshots of some of my boxes:
Glossybox September 2015

August Beauteque Bag

Nars Glossybox Edition

Some reviews of the boxes I've received this year:

Best Moments of 2015

It’s hard to pinpoint just one moment of 2015 to describe as “the Best”, there have been so many strong memories created this year. From the conception of this blog itself, debating names and design which turned out to be harder than actually blogging! To the new places I’ve visited and new people I’ve met, some already forgotten but others who I can’t remember not being friends with. Every season brought new adventures, from skiing in Les Menuires in Winter, my first family vacation to Japan in a decade in Spring, Edinburgh in the Summer and this Autumn clubbing in the O2 for my birthday where I discovered I’ve now become too old to enjoy a sweaty club without the aid of alcohol. I cannot say that there has been a standout moment in 2015. There have been joyous as well as more melancholic occasions, but I wouldn’t change any of it.

Bring on 2016 and the new adventures that await!

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