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Trio of Fish Cakes Recipe! - Sophie

Trio of Fish Cakes

Now one thing I love are batch recipes which mean I can cook once and be fed for the rest of the month! And of course they also have to be tasty and simple to whip up. Fortunately my trio of fish cake recipe hits all three criteria for me!

You can safely freeze these fish cakes for up to two months, and it’s a simple 15 minute bake at 220C or 2 minutes in the microwave once defrosted.

These fishcakes can also be eaten cold with a salad for an easy work lunch.

Recipe makes 7 decent sized fish cakes

·         250g Charlotte Potatoes, cut into chunks
·         350g Fish Pie Mix (Salmon, White Fish, Smoked White Fish
·         1 tsp English Mustard Powder
·         1 tsp Yuzu Sauce
·         1 heaped tbsp Chopped Parsley
·         1 heaped tbsp Chopped Dill
·         3 tbsp Plain Flour
·         2 Eggs, beaten
·         100g Panko (breadcrumbs
·         2 tbsp Soy Margarine
·         Pepper and Salt to taste
·         4 tbsps of Vegetable Oil

  •   Mixing Bowl
  •   Saucepan
  •   Sharp Knife
  •  Cutting Board
  •  Shallow Dishes/Tupperware
  •   Frying Pan

Prep Time:
35 mins

Cooking Time:
10 mins (depends on quantity of fish cakes and size of pan)

1.       Skin and cut the Charlotte potatoes into small chunks, then boil in salted water for 10-12 minutes.

2.       While the potatoes are boiling lightly season the fish pie mix and bake in the oven for 6 minutes until flakey.

3.       Drain the potatoes and then add the mustard powder, yuzu sauce, chopped parsley and dill. Mash! Add the pepper and salt and mix.

4.       Flake the fish pie mix into the potato mixture, add the soy margarine and thoroughly stir until evenly spread.

5.       Wait 10-15 minutes for the mix to cool down. While waiting put the flour, eggs and breadcrumbs into three shallow dishes. I like to use Tupperware boxes for this.

6.       Shape the fish cake mixture into suitable portion sizes. Dip this into first the flour, covering the entire cake. Then the egg. And finally the breadcrumbs.

7.       Heat the oil in a large pan. Fry the cakes in the oil for 3-4 minutes on each side until golden.

I like my fish cakes large!

8.       Voila easy fish cakes!

Meal Suggestions:
  1. With some simple greens, in the above I had grilled asparagus and guacamole.
  2. Traditional with chips!
  3. On top of wilted spinach as a healthy lunch.
  4. Winter style with roasted vegetables.
  5. Simple salad

Wrap in cling film for the freezer to save space

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