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[Birchbox] October - Stylist Edition!

Sorry guys I know it’s a little late given that it’s now 10 days into November but I thought I’d share my thoughts on the October Birchbox. So this October subscribers may/may not have been given the choice to choose either the Stylist box or the Back to Basics box. There was a lot of bad press around subscribers being unable to choose and how terrible the Back to Basics box was. I was fortunate enough to choose the Stylist box, as I saw the preview of the content of the Back to Basics and it did not look good, even with the full sized product of eyeko fat liner, the rest of the items were not worth the subscription price.

So in the Stylist box – items were hand-picked by Stylist’s Associate Editor, Joanna, McGarry and here are items in order of my favourite first!

1.       100% Pure – Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze RRP £19 (Full size!)

Birchbox bio:
Enjoy a pop of guilt free colour across lips with this little pocket sized lipstick. Formulated with avocado butters to nourish, rich fruit pigments leave a burst of matte-finish, comfortable colour.

My review
Of course a lipstick product would be top of my list! Whats even more great, that despite the gazillion ton of lipsticks that I own, I do not have this shade yet! I’m loving the orange-y pinky shade, which fits right in my lipstick scale as I either have a colour that is too orange or too pink. So I’m super into organic products (except for the price but its understandable) so to be blessed with a lipstick made 100% natural ingredients, 100% vegan, cruelty and gluten free – I thank you Birchbox. I think its fabulous that the product was made from fruits and vegetables!!! (overload of exclamation marks that’s how happy I am!) The avocado and cocoa butter definitely helps keeps my lips nourish whilst applying this lipstick, and its full of antioxidants and anti-ageing ingredients! I will definitely be looking into purchasing from this brand again. Also, the packaging is super cute, it comes in a carton tube and then opens like a present, to reveal a silver bullet like lipstick. However, I did wonder as I carried the lipstick to the bathroom whether people were thinking I was holding a tampon.

2.      PARLOR by Jeff Chastan – Smoothing Blowout Spray RRP £17 (Birchbox Exclusive!)

Birchbox bio:
A cult miracle tonic for blotting out frizz, protecting against heat damage, rendering hair more manageable and able to hold a style for longer. Bonus points for the addictively peachy woody scent.

My review
I blow dry my hair way too often and I’m pretty sure I’m killing the ends of my hair. This spray does a seriously good job of heat protection, I’d like to give two to three sprays particularly at my ends and having used it for the past month, and my hair does not look or feel as dead as it was. I’m really starting to understand the important of heat protection for hair! My hair is definitely my manageable at the ends and feels less gritty. I like the smell too!

3.      When – Travelmate Sheet Masks – RRP £25 for pack of 4

Birchbox Bio:
When your regular moisturiser just wont do, this refreshing sheet mask makes light work of locking in moisture post long haul flight/day on a sun lounger/trip to the slopes, softening skin and undoing damage

My review
First off, lets be clear, I will never spend £25 on 4 sheet masks, that’s just ridiculous especially given good quality sheet masks from Nature Republic, Skinfood and The Face Shop cost a fifth of the price. Though the mask is of good quality as the material for the sheet itself feels like plastic, making it difficult to rip (as we all know how easily it is to rip the ones from Korea by accident) and sticks to the curves of your face, much like a 3D mask. The after results I saw were not much different to a standard sheet mask. Key benefits of using this mask – moisturising and firming!
Note the mask should be put on for at least 30 minutes, much longer to the usual 10 – 15 minutes Korean sheet mask.

4.      English Laundry – No.7 Signature for Her RRP £60 (Birchbox exclusive!)

Birchbox bio:
Imagine a laundry line of white linen on a summer’s day – bottled. Rose geranium and creamy white flowers combine with musk to create an uplifting wearable scent that’ll leave spring in your step

My review
I wouldn’t say I’m great at reviewing perfume but it does smell incredibly nice. However the scent is quite familiar to something I have definitely tried from another brand in store before, perhaps Natalie Portman’s Miss Dior.
Can I just say I love the brand name and vision.

5.      Bioderma – Sensibio H20 RRP £10.20

Birchbox bio:
Trusted by make-up artists over the world, this is the original Parisan micellar water used for fast and effective cleansing without irritation. A modern day essential.

My review
On the plus side, I like the fact that it applies like water onto my face; I apply a bit of the solution onto the cotton pad and when I brush it against my face, there’s not that rubbery feeling against my skin, its like I’m wiping away the make up with water. On the downside, this product is not great at removing eye make-up. A big tick from me for being suitable for sensitive skin (which I suffer from)

6.      Rituals – Yogi Flow Foaming Shower Gel RRP £8.50
#Indian Rose and Sweet Almond Oil

Birchbox bio:
There’s a little bit of magic in this bathroom ally. Watch as the gel instantly transforms into foam on contact with water, creating the most luxurious rose-scented was, to perk up your early morning shower.

My review
The foaming effect was very disappointing, I was expecting mountains and waves of foam from using the product and it wasn’t the case. The smell is great during the shower but afterwards, the smell doesn’t last on the body for long.

Overall, genuinely pleased with all my items in this month’s box – I found it extremely difficult to rank after the first two because they were all great. Great job Stylist!

Look forward to my next review where Birchbox collabs with SKINNY DIP

Love, Linh  xxx

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