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[Birchbox] September 2015 Edition!

So I finally caved into subscription boxes – I got 50% off the full price of a Birchbox due to it being Birchbox’s 5th anniversary and it also fell into my birthday month so it was a little treat to myself. Unfortunately, it was so popular this month that I missed the cooler Birchbox designs.

Happy belated birthday Birchbox!

I’m reviewing the items in the order of my favourite first:

Colour test - add some pink blusher to complete the look!
1.       Laqa & Co Cheeky Lip Pencil (a Birchbox exclusive!)
#Humble Brag

Birchbox bio:
There’s nothing we love more than a product that muli-tasks and this blush pink crayon does it beautifully! Easy to apply and ultra-pigmented, it’s the easiest way to add a pop of colour to lips and cheeks

My review
I’m very happy about this product! 1 – because I love lipsticks and 2 – the colour is a perfect shade of pink and 3 – it saved me some money as I was just about to buy a Clinique chubby stick in the same shade. I can confirm it is ultra-pigmented – the coverage is amazing with this brand.

2.      Benefit the POREfessional: license to blot

Birchbox bio:
The latest warrior in the battle against shiny T-zones, this unique oil-blotting stick using tiny blotting spheres to mattify shine for up to 6 hours
Apply straight from the tube onto the skin, using a blotting motion, on the nose, forehead and chin

My review
I already had this as a birthday gift from the lovely Sophie but I heard great things about this product so the more the merrier! I apply using short swift strokes across my face, on top of make-up (you can apply before make up too) and I can see the shine reduce instantly. It does a very good job of absorbing the oil on my face If only I had this stick before my work photo, I wouldn’t have such an oily and shiny face on my new work pass.
Target areas is definitely the T-zone and chin.

3.      The Birchbrush (a Birchbox exclusive!)

Birchbox bio:
Work out knots, tame tresses and smooth your hair’s surface with this super-cute, and oh so effective brush

My review
I loved that I got an actual item alongside the make-up and skincare samples. I love tangle teasers as they really work on my thick bushy hair. It also helps that my current tangle teaser was getting very hairy so thank you Birchbox!

4.      Beauty Protector Beauty Wash (a Birchbox exclusive!)

Birchbox bio:
We wouldn’t expect anything less than a sumptuous fragrance from this exclusive to Birchbox brand, but the rich foaming texture of this in shower body wash is something to love to

My review
In general, I’m not keen on getting body wash as a sample as it gives me a very hotel like feeling – nothing special. However, it was nice sample in my first Birchbox and I love the smell (very perfume-y) that lingers on after the shower and it does last awhile. The boyfriend can also notice the difference! Although, it didn’t really notice the ‘rich foaming texture’ when using it.

5.      Bliss foot patrol – AHA exfoliating and softening cream
#aloe leaf & peppermint

Birchbox bio:
No description given in regards to the foot patrol product

My review
My dad has this problem of having really dry scaly heels and I pretty much inherited it from him so this product was rather useful – that’s if I remember to use it. I’m already applying moisturiser onto my legs so I don’t really remember about the foot or would be too lazy to switch products, so this product isn’t very useful to me. On the plus side –  for the week that I did stick to it as part of my routine, I saw results after day one, it was able to mosturise and heal my crackly heels. I also love the refreshing smell of aloe and peppermint.

6.      John Masters Organics Citrus Neroli Detangler

BIrchbox bio:
Wave goodbye to knots and tangles with this little miracle worker! Coconut oil and wheat amino acids help to nourish strands while neroli and grapefruit soothe troublesome scalps
Apply to wet, clean hair and leave for 1 – 3 minutes either rinse away or use as a leave in treatment

My review
My hair is at the stage where it could do with a trim so I see this a short term fix for me. It smells like lemon tart and I think Birchbox did a clever combo, offering it with the tangle teaser however I’ve been using it for about a week now and I don’t see any improvements. I also don’t like the feeling of my hair after leaving it in as treatment.

Overall, I’ve very impressed by the content of BIrchbox – I love the majority of items, the cute drawstring bag the items come in and the box, it’s also very nice that Birchbox provides a little pamphlet about all the products included – I’d like to have something to read. Especially since I was about to spend £17 on a lipstick which Birchbox was able to provide me in this shade but for less, among with other goodies!

So I’ve just signed up to a three month subscription! I’m looking forward to the next one as we get to choose the back to basics box or the stylist box.

My only concern is that I still have a haul of Koreans items I still need to go through and really can’t be dealing with more items every month

Stay tuned for the October review!

Love, Linh xxx

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