Thursday, 23 July 2015

Shopping Spree - Forever21

Shopping Spree - Forever21

Okay, so I've been deprived of going shopping properly (and blogging) for way too long due to exams. So now that I'm finally free and have all this extra time, I can finally create my first blog post! Of course, the first thing I did was to trek down to Stratford Westfield's for a shopping spree.

I wore my vintage jumpsuit with a gold V shaped necklace and spruced it up by tying a grey textured cardigan around my waist. This is to add an extra layer and colour to an otherwise single print outfit and it's also pretty useful when it gets cold. I paired this with some timeless brown heeled ankle boots which I wore with some patterned socks as my ankles look too skinny otherwise. 

Jumpsuit - New Look, Boots - Office, Cardigan - H&M, 

Anyways onto the shopping....

It's sale time so I was expecting to have a right work out carrying my many shopping bags home. But I have to say I was quite disappointed when my usual shops like Zara, Miss Selfridge, Topshop, H&M etc failed to offer me anything inspiring. Nevertheless, Forever21 saved me from going home empty handed so I'd like to show you a few things I bought!

Outfit 1:

I'm not very girly when it comes to dresses so this skater dress is perfect as it's pretty casual and the pattern on the front gives it some snazz.

Dress - £14

However, if you did want to make it girlier you could add a denim jacket and it instantly has a different summery feel to it.

Denim Jacket - £25

I love the intricate pattern on the back of this dress and if you have a black lace bralette I think it could be a pretty hot combination.

Outfit 2:

So this next outfit was inspired by one of my favourite brands - Brandy Melville. It's an L.A. inspired brand which is both feminine and slightly skater. There's only two branches in the UK though and unfortunately not one at Stratford.

Top - £12, Skirt - £8.50

The skirt is one of those must have wardrobe pieces because it's so versatile (as you'll see below) and I have so many of these tank tops that I couldn't resist adding it to the collection. For a more grunge look you could wear it with denim shorts or black skinny jeans.

Outfit 3:

In this outfit the skirt is the same as in outfit 2. 
I have a thing for cropped tops, white tops and especially those with a slogan across the front, so this was a must buy. In case you were wondering, it says 'Wanderer' which I thought suited me pretty well. 

The best thing about white tops is how easily they go with everything. You can make it more casual with a pair of jeans and trainers, or suitable for a date with a pretty pastel chiffon long skirt and heels. 

Top - £12

So there it is - my first blog! Hope you enjoyed it and thanks for being so patient with me Linh and Sophs <3 

Love Chiwei

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