Friday, 31 July 2015

London Cocktail Club

"A Serious Drinkers Party Bar" 

So probably about a month ago, us girlies took a trip to the London Cocktail Club on Shaftesbury Avenue. I never got round to publishing this, so I thought it'd be fun to post this up now so we can look back and laugh at our drunken mess of a night which, as usual, ended with roast duck in Chinatown.

Sophie is super organised so she booked us a table for 6:30pm which is just before happy hour ends at 7pm. You can get two of the same cocktail for just £10 which is super good value, especially in London. We ordered a good selection of quirky, contemporary cocktails shown below, some of which were delicious and others not so great.

The Drinks:

So the only reason I can remember how all of these drinks were is because, being super organised, we had a little notebook which we all wrote in reviewing each cocktail. Our handwriting became less and less legible as the night went on, but I've tried my best to translate these here.

1. Long Island Ice Tea

S: It's a long island in a German beer glass which Chiwei calls a tankard. 
Pretty great combo.
L: I drank all of this - no matter what Sophie says.

2. Brixton Riot

L:Do not drink it while it's on fire!
S: As the waitress kindly told Linh. 
Terrible, regret stealing *sobs*.

3. The Mystery One

S: Chiwei doesn't remember what she ordered. 
Feels like a block of ice & tastes like Mojito.
C: It had a custard cream on the top. 
I swear I didn't just order it because of that...honest.

4. Movie Night

C: This one tastes like Baileys but more vanilla-ry.
But it's got too strong an alcohol taste for me (b
est bit = salty popcorn on the top).
L: Mega eww.

5. Fortune Cookie

S: Yummy & sweet with a tang of bitter in the aftertaste. 
You might go full asian like me & drink straight from the bowl.
or use the straws helpfully provided which Chiwei totally didn't have to point out to me.
L: That was nice.

6. Skull

S: Like a strawberry alcohol party in the mouth! Loved the marshmallows; ate them ALL.
C: Fruity & delicious. But the marshmallows are burnt so don't eat them!
L: omg what does this say!?

Overall verdict:


The cocktails are definitely the highlight since all of them are so fun and exciting. There's a good vibe and lively atmosphere and the waitress who served us was attentive and friendly.

They also do cocktail making classes, so check that out if you're looking for something fun to do.


I would recommend booking a table in advance though as the place is rather small and you might end up being turned away/standing at the bar. 

The decor had a very underground vibe which wasn't quite to my taste and I found the tables too low which strained my back (but maybe I'm just becoming an old woman).

 Unfortunately, there are only two WC so you might find yourself queuing for a long time. 

It was also a little too cramped for me, with too few seats, meaning we were squashed up next to the neighboring table.

I would give it a rating of 6.5/10 - Almost lives up to the hype!

Best photo's of the night!

Love you girls!

Love Chiwei

To see other branches/location details visit their website London Cocktail Club.

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