Monday, 13 July 2015

[Innisfree] Canola Honey Jelly Mist - Product of the Week!

Price: $7.62 ~ £4.92
“A hydrating mist with Jeju canola honey extract, which creates a skin moisture barrier that keeps your skin supple.”

It has been pretty hot in London for the past couple of weeks. One time, a couple of weeks back, I thought I was going to faint from heat exhaustion but then all my co-workers thought I was crazy because you know the office is air-conned.

Anyhow, I’m fortunate enough (or not so fortunate enough) to be able to walk into work but due to this fine summer weather (I know I shouldn’t complain because it will run away and its already so rare in England), I find that by the time I’ve reached work, my face has practically melted off. Yes that’s right, I have to stare at co-workers with a very sweaty face haha!

The solution to my woes to have a bottle of Korean face mist in my handbag!

As pictured above, Ill be reviewing Innisfree’s Canola Honey Jelly Mist today (one of Innisfree’s BEST items). Innisfree is one of my favourite Korean skincare brands right now. Not only is it because the gorgeous Girl’s Generation Yoona and handsome Lee Minho are the spokesmodels for the brand but also for its eco-friendly culture and use of natural ingredients sourced from Jeju!
Bonus picture of Yoona to the left!  (Source:

+       Moisturising – it’s already common knowledge that honey is a very good ingredient for your skin (contains 44% of canola honey extracts)
+       Makes face feel more firm and elastic (especially could tell this was the case, when I sprayed on a day that I was make up free)
+       Good top up throughout the day to keep you feeling refreshed
+       Light spray once contacted with the face
+       Perfect to spray on before or after make up
+       A nice light sweet smell to match the summer

No Love
-        The bottle exploded in my bag! My bag had probably been tossed around all day and by the time my event had finished, 2/3 of the bottle was seeped deep into my bagpack (Pro: the bagpack did smell nice). I was so annoyed because I literally just purchased this item (hence the quick review because Im almost running out sad sad)  
-        Need to use a lot and spray a lot on to get the feeling of my skin is moisturised (so its rather wasteful)

Would I buy again?
Probably not yet, the story of the bottle leaking in my bag still scars me but also I think there are probably better face mists out there. I’d also like to find one with a scent that lasts longer, this was too light for me 

Love, Linh 

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