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[MINI REVIEWS] Nature Republic Eyeliner, Mizon Perfume Mist & SkinFood Lip Balm

Dear all! My deepest apologies for not blogging in a very long time – in the meantime I’ve jetted off to both Austria and Denmark, and been slightly distracted by my adult colouring book, colouring pencils and paints. Clap clap to Sophie whose really carried the team and kept this blog going – LOVE YOU SOPHIE <3

Anyway to make up for my AFK, I’ve complied three short sweet mini reviews of some of the products of been using. Enjoy!

[Nature Republic] Botanical WaterProof Sharp Liner

Price: $9.50 ~ £6.26
#01 Black
“This is a sweat and sebum proof sharp pencil type black eyeliner” 

My first eyeliner review! Now both Chiwei and Sophie claim that I have amazing eyeliner skills and how I can paint them on in seconds. My technique is to be steady and take the line from start to finish across the eye – no stopping. Then place a finger at the end of each eye, squint hard into the mirror and make sure they’re symmetrical – the thing that Sheldon does from the Big Bang Theory except I’m not trying to blow anyone’s brains outs.

I had been relying on Eyeko eyeliner for quite some time, but then the very latest one I bought was absolutely terrible. The brush was itchy against my skin, it was difficult to get a consistent fine black line, and the liquid dried out so quickly. I was very disappointed in a product that is supposedly hailed from the great Alexa Chung.

Now onto the product...

Instructions to use:

1.        Shake the eyeliner before use
2.       Click the top black button 5 -6 times until the liquid ink reaches the tip of the brush

CAREFUL! Don’t click the top black button too many times as it may cause leakage

Hence I was super careful the first time using it and it paid off.

+        Conserves liquid
+        Not wasteful therefore eyeliner lasts longer

No Love
-         Clicker is difficult to handle – you can click it 2 -3 times and not see any liquid come out so you decide to give it a few more clicks but then too much liquid comes out
-         Must wait for liquid to run down to tip otherwise its stuck on side of tip and becomes difficult to use
-         Rubs off easily
-         Doesn’t last that long throughout the day
-         Pretty expensive for an eyeliner
Would I buy again?
No, I just can’t deal with the clicker. 

[Mizon] All Day Feel So Food Perfume Mist

Price: $9.71 ~ £6.40
No. Baby Powder

Okay so you know my obsession with baby powder (see my Secret Key Whipping Hand Cream review), I should probably just go invest in Johnson’s & Johnson’s. Anyway, I bought this spray under the impression that on days where I feel a bit groggily, I can spray this on myself to lift up my mood a bit or use it a top up during the working day when it’s too heavy to carry around my perfume or as a cooling mist/type spray during the humid summer season because you know I’d rather not smell of humidity.

My number one tip to use this product is spray only once, maximum twice otherwise the smell becomes too strong and it will then feel like you’re trying really hard to cover up a smell. I think this product works as a light perfume however the smell doesn’t last too long on your body, perhaps an hour or two, max up to three. Strangely, I find the perfume lasts longer in my room than on me.

+        It’s a very light baby powder – not obvious immediately

No Love
-         Only an adequate perfume substitute
-         Smell will be too strong and pungent if sprayed on severely  
-         Doesn’t dry very quickly on skin (or clothes – if you are trying to cover up that smell!)
-         Not really a product that has both a nice smell and cooling effect (which was really what I was looking for, especially back in the summer season, nothing similar to the ‘The Face Shop Jeju Mist’ product so don’t buy this if you love the Jeju Mist!)

Would I buy again?

[SKINFOOD] Avocado Lip Balm

Price: $2.82 ~ £1.86
"A lip balm containing extract of avocado, the most nutritious fruit. Replenish nutrients to dehydrated lips, removing dry skin. Also balances oil and moisture levels, keeping lips fresh and hydrated."

I bought this lip balm because I like a lot of the Skinfood products and the ingredients they choose to use, and was pretty attracted to the word avocado (mhmmmm sweet avocado smoothies). By the product the product looked nothing like what was displayed on the website I bought from – it’s not a green tin or green inside – I had to double check it was avocado!

+        Moisturising – this product is definitely going to be an essential as winter approaches, I need it to work its wonders on the super chapped lips I get during the snowy season
+        I have a habit of biting on my lip and it often leaves the whole mouth area very itchy, I find this lip balm to be very soothing of the irritation and works instantly
+        Instant relief
+        Price is pretty equivalent to a lot of the lip care products you can find in the UK
+        Cute gold tin packaging

No Love
-         Doesn’t smell or taste anything like avocado – careful of the taste because my boyfriend REALLY doesn’t like it
-         I prefer lip balms in the form of sticks or roll ons – purely because I may need to apply lip balm and I might not have conveniently wash my hands cause you know, sometimes there just isn’t a tap a right there

Would I buy again?
Yes for its moisturising and conditioning qualities that really work on my lips

See you very soon, I promise!

Love, Linh xx

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