Tuesday, 9 June 2015

[Secret Key] Donkey Milk Whipping Hand Cream Review

Secret Key Donkey Milk Hand Cream

Price approx. £2.20

So I have the driest hands ever which makes them look really ugly and wrinkly (Chiwei would otherwise object and claim that she has grandma hands – I’ll let her upload a photo and you guys can be the judge). Thing is, for me, especially in winter, they get quite dry and itchy and I end up scratching the back of my hands, the only way to stop me is if I slab a chunk of moisturiser on them and keep them moisturised!

There are two key things that I look out for in hand cream – 1. The smell and 2. It does the job

As you know, I want to be that person in the office that whips out her hand cream, sexily applies it and makes everyone look up from the desk. I’m really an angel – everyone should look away from their screen once in a while – its not healthy otherwise. I want the guys to think ‘damn where is that smell coming from’ and all the girls to go ‘I want her hand cream now’ and all the hand cream shops around the world to go ‘I want her as my spokes model’

HAHAH that was too irrelevant

I’ve been using Neutrogena Nourishing hand cream with Nordic Berry for a while, it’s a short term solution but good value for money and the Nordic Berry makes the cream smell nice.

Now I’ve found Secret Key’s Donkey Milk hand cream which is absolutely lush, such a strange thing to say about donkey milk. But boy o boy does donkey milk have some pretty powerful ingredients – like Sophie mentioned earlier – “Cleopatra herself use to bathe in this stuff”

Anyway as a reminder,
  • Donkey milk has a similar complex to human’s skin complex which makes donkey milk the best protecting ingredients
  • It includes plenty of vitamin, omega 6 and healthy saturated fatty acids
  • It’s a precious ingredient that can be obtained within 6 months
  • Overall, it’s a pretty much upcoming beauty trend!

Now onto my review. 
1. Smells like baby powder (clothes?)
  • It really reminds me of new born baby clothes!! I really love the smell and would plant my hands on my face all day if I could!
  • Its safe to say I will be making heads turn in the office with my hand cream (teehee) and when someone asks me what I’m using, I’ll be sure to say donkey milk and probably be the weirdest person they’ve ever me but who cares the hand cream does wonders!

2. It does the job! Apply anywhere & anytime!
  • Applying a small amounts encourage coverage to make your hands feel smooth and moisturise for a very long time, you won’t even remember when it was the last time you applied the cream on. It blends in well and quickly into the skin without leaving your hands feeling heavy and sticky – which means you don’t have to wait around fanning your hands and waiting for them to dry before continuing on in your super awesome day. It transforms dry and rough skin into smoothness and softness. For those of you with sensitive skin, I also have sensitive and using this product for the past week has given me no reaction and in fact relieves the itchiness I was previously experiencing.

To sum up, 
1. Donkey milk is really good stuff!
2. Baby smell that lingers
3. Absorbs easily leaving soft hands
4. Really good for the price I paid!

Love, Linh xxx

FYI: Secret Key’s product description
Milk whipping mild & moisturizing hand cream – has donkey milk contents that moisturises hand skin
Moisturising – hyaluronic acid creates moisture protection layer, keeping skin healthy and moisturised
Improving moisture level in skin & skin elasticity
Collagen improves moisture level and skin elasticity as smoothing complexion at the same time

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