Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Necco Japanese Cafe Review

Necco Japanese Cafe
52 - 54 Exmouth Market, Nearest Tube Stations: Angel, Farringdon
Japanese cafe for sushi and homemade cakes.

Hallo. Linh here. I'm not much of a food expert but I am a bit of a green tea addict (as I write this blog I'm sipping on my hot green tea at Sophie's). So I decided to write my first blog post on some of the green tea delights I had today at Necco Japanese Cafe.

First day back at work after a bank holiday weekend is never easy and after a long day of training at work, I decided to see this girl here Sophie for a coffee before she flew off to Japan later this week (lucky girl!). I had a massive craving for Japanese cakes, in particular matcha cakes, but I couldn't be bothered to travel to the other side of London, to Wa Cafe at Ealing Broadway. (Sophie showed much more hard work and determination and she'll be sure to post up a review of Wa Cafe later). Luckily, as Japanese cafes in London are rare after all, Sophie found one that was a 15 minute walk away from where I was at the time (Chancery Lane). I successfully followed Google maps and reached Necco cafe and was ready for cakes. Excuse the distressed look in the photo above - I had to walk there in heels with bits of pollen flying around all over the place and into my eyes.

I ordered:

Green tea chiffon cake £3.50

It was a nice combination of chiffon cake and the cream - the two went well together. I was pleased that I could taste the matcha. I personally felt that it was too dense for a chiffon cake however Sophie pointed out that it was to be expected with a chiffon matcha cake.

"Tastes like matcha swiss roll," - Sophie

Green tea mille-feuille, £3.90

This might be completely irrelevant but I always struggle to cut a nice piece from a mille-feuille - they are the most difficult things to eat! The mille-feuille was the cake of the day at Necco and it had a good ratio of pastry to matcha cream. It was nicely decorated with a macaroon on top however the macaroon was a bit tasteless.

Alongside my sweet treats, I ordered the matcha milkshake which tasted very much like milk with a light subtle matcha flavouring, don't be expecting your thick McDonald's Strawberry milkshake!

Do go along and try out the cafe if you're in the area!

Love, Linh

P.S. I have finally done my first blog post!! Yipeeeeeeeeeee

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